One of the priorities of the LNC has been the publication of reports thus making the records and observations available to everyone.

The Following is a list of some of our Publications.

Title Author Year
Bradgate Park and Cropston Reservoir margins . 1962
The Badger in Charnwood Forest A E Squires 1963
Badger Notes: Observations at a Charnwood Sett T J Whall 1963
The Birds of East Leicestershire J Otter 1965
Loughborough Canal: An Introduction to its Wildlife . 1968
Swithland Wood: a preliminary survey . 1970
Grace Dieu: Interim and preliminary reports . 1976
Charnwood Forest: A Changing Landscape . 1981
Ulverscroft . 1986
Groby Pool . 1987
Benscliffe & Blakeshay . 1990
The Spiders of Leicestershire and Rutland J Crocker & J Daws 1996
Beacon Hill Country Park . 1998
The Spiders of Leicestershire & Rutland Millennium Atlas J Crocker & J Daws 2001
Birds of Ulverscroft Nature Reserve S F Woodward 2001
The Birdlife of Swithland Reservoir I B Gamble 2001
Bardon Hill. A site visit re: the rare spider .
Mastigusa macrophthalma J Crocker 2001
Bardon Hill Spider Survey 2001-2002 J Crocker & J Daws 2002
The Birds of Ratcliffe on the Wreake Gravel Pits I B Gamble 2007
Poultney Farm & Ulverscroft Pond. Provisional report S F Woodward, P H Gamble & H Ikin 2007
The Leicestershire Coleopterists D A Lott 2009
Poultney Farm and Ulverscroft Pond S F Woodward, P H Gamble & H Ikin 2010
Heritage 1 – 100 Index .
Scans of Biological Records 1961-2010 . 2013