Sites of Interest

To View any of the sites listed below follow the link to Google Maps.

Bardon Hill – SK459132 Groby Pool – SK521082
Barrow-upon-Soar, The Flags – SK570173 Herbert’s Meadow – SK429134
Beacon Hill, Woodhouse Eaves – SK509148 Holly Hayes Wood – SK443154
*Frank’s Pit, Beacon Hill, Woodhouse Eaves-  SK520145 Holywell Wood – SK507182
*Frying-pan Pond, Beacon Hill, Woodhouse Eaves – SK515148 John’s Lee Wood – SK507105
*Wileman’s Pond, Beacon Hill, Woodhouse Eaves – SK520148 Meadow in Swithland Wood – SK540128
Birstall Gravel Pits – SK605096 Nature Alive, Coalville – SK421151
Blackbrook Reservoir – SK458174 Puddledyke – SK547117
Botcheston Bog – SK485047 R Soar (Barrow to Pilling’s Lock) -SK573174 – 565182
Bradgate Park – SK530105 Saltersford Valley – SK323136
*Old John Watering, Bradgate Park – SK529115 Six Hills, Twenty Acre Piece – SK642210
*Pond East of Old John, Bradgate Park – SK529113 Stonebridge Pool, Sence Valley Park – SK400116
*Round Pond, Bradgate Park – SK529113 Ulverscroft NR – SK4912
Breedon Hill – SK404233 Wanlip Flashes – SK604106
Charnwood Lodge LRWT Nature Reserve – SK458155 Wanlip S – SK607105
 *Collier Hill, Charnwood Lodge NR – SK470156 Warren Hills – SK463147
Charnwood Lodge NR, Colony Reservoir – SK465153 Windmill Hill, W Eaves – SK525144
Charnwood Lodge NR, Gisbournes Gorse – SK470152
Charnwood Lodge NR, Moor Pond – SK464158
Charnwood Lodge NR, Timberwood Hill – SK472148
Charnwood Water – SK549185
Cossington Gravel Pits – SK603133
Cribb’s Meadow – SK899188
Cropston Res. inflow – SK539100
Dimminsdale – SK376217